They may have been able to a “terrible”2-year-olds are a joy, despite their reputation. You may have things in your house that are already useful, such as kitchen tools, dustpans or brooms.

“I always encourage families to buy everyday materials,”Marie Conti, head of The Wetherill School, Gladwyne, Pennsylvania and a board member for the American Montessori Society, said this.

Now that they’ve mastered walking, they love pulling wagons and other things behind them. They are learning to speak in complete sentences and how to interact with others.

“Two-year-olds are entering pretend play and figuring out who they are. Kitchen items, cars, trucks and baby dolls allow them to pretend to be in the adult world in their play,”Tovah K. Klein, director of Barnard College Center for Toddler Development (and author of “How Toddlers Thrive.”

We offer a variety of gifts for every occasion, from books to stuffed animals to books.

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Bestselling gifts to give your 2-year-olds

Blockaroo Magnetic Foam Builders

This building toy is made of magnetic foam. It is easy to grasp and put together by little hands. It even floats in a tub.

Very Hungry Caterpillar Train Set

This wooden train set is perfect for pushing, pulling, and taking apart — all favorite things for 2-year-olds.

“Press Here,” by Herve Tullet

Nina Lindsay, president of the Association for Library Service to Children, loves Herve Tullet’s classic “Press Here”For 2-year-olds learning about the excitement of turning pages, making things happen: “The idea that you can interact with a book in that way is really exciting,”She said.

Green Toys Fire Truck

Toys on wheels are great for toddlers to push around. They can be used by older toddlers to make stories.

“Construction Site: Road Crew, Coming Through,” by Sherri Duskey Rinker and Ag Ford

The most recent in the popular “Good Night, Good Night Construction Site”The series features a hardworking road crew who have a big job. This rhyming story is sure to delight construction-minded toddlers.

Playmobil School Bus

Klein loves tiny buses and car toys that children can play with, like this one.

“Go, Girls, Go!” by Frances Gilbert and Allison Black

This rhyming book for girls about vehicles puts girls in the driver’s seat. It asks girl readers where they might go.

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“The Poop Song,” by Eric Litwin and Claudia Boldt

There’s nothing better than a catchy song for potty training. This book also includes a link to a song that can be listened to again and again.

Radio Flyer Little Red Roadster

This ride-on toys encourages coordination as well as pretend play.

Tegu Magnetic Blocks

These blocks are easy to build with little hands. Conti loves wooden magnetic blocks because they are easy to manipulate and require less frustration.

VTech Pop-a-Balls Push and Pop Bulldozer

Buzz around the living room with pop-a-balls or take a break with musical push buttons — this bulldozer will keep your toddler busy for hours.

Land of B. Floor Piano Lolo’s Musical Meowiscal Mat

Your little one will have the best time ever dancing and hopping to this music. “meowiscal” floor mat. This toy has three musical modes that are both funny and wacky.

Best developmental toys for 2-year-olds

Melissa & Doug Tabletop Art Easel

“Due to a heightened sense of curiosity, imagination and discovery, 2-year-olds will appreciate drawing tools and chalkboards,”Lauren Leisk, a specialist in educational toys, agreed.

Lego Duplo Town Modular Playhouse

This Lego kit is perfect for two-year olds who want to build their own dollhouse.

Play-Doh Fun Factory Deluxe Set

According to child development experts, Play-Doh is a great way to develop imagination and play through touch. Green Toys also offers an opportunity to play with a variety of toys. organic doughYou can purchase the book at Amazon.

Fisher Price Classic See ‘N Say

Keep in mind to See ‘N Say? It’You’re back! This classic toy will provide hours of fun for toddlers and help them identify animal sounds.

Learn With Me, Count and Learn Cookie Jar

As your child tries to place each cookie in the jar correctly, you can help them improve their motor skills as well as counting abilities.

Constructive Playthings Tree Blocks

Conti loved these natural blocks because there’s no specific way to build them so their imagination can run as wild as they’d like.

Best outdoor toys for 2-year-olds

Micro Mini Kick Scooter

All three types of scooters, tricycles, and balance bikes encourage coordination. This one is made from recycled and sustainable materials.

Strider Balance Bike

Balance bikes are a great way for beginners to learn how to ride without the need to train wheels. Two-year olds can balance while touching the ground.

Nutcase Baby Nut Helmet

Make sure you have a helmet if you buy a scooter or bicycle.

Best dolls to buy for 2-year-olds

Manhattan Toys Wee Baby Stella

Dolls allow 2-year olds to pretend to being grown-ups, and this soft version allows them to do that.

Jellycat Bashful Bunny

Stuffed animals are great for comfort and imaginative play.

Cuddle + Kind Sebastian, the Lamb

These dolls are hand-knit and give back: 10 meals are donated to children in need for every doll purchased.

Best play sets to entertain 2-year-olds

Top Bright Wooden Race Track

This wooden race track can be taken anywhere your toddler goes. It has plenty of bright ramps, mini cars, and is easy to use.

Green Toys RV Camper Set

This 3-in-1 playset includes a pick up truck, camper, boat, and a trailer that can be used for bathtime fun.

Melissa & Doug Dust, Sweep & Mop Toy Set

Little ones love to imitate household chores, even at age 2. These pint-sized versions are perfect for playing in the house.

Nugget Play Couch

These foam pieces can be used to make a couch, slide, ramp, fort, or whatever else your 2-year-old dreams up.

Lego Duplo All-in-One Box

Let the Lego-mania commence. Legos will continue to be a fascination for children for many years. Conti recommended that you use a large bucket of Legos, and not one specific kit.

Lovevery Playkits

These play kits are expertly designed and come in three-month intervals so you can find the right toy for your child. You can either subscribe for $120 per box or browse their Montessori-inspired offerings a la carte.

Kidcraft Vintage Kitchen

Cooking with your parents and pretending to cook are two of my favorite activities as a child.

Hape All Seasons Kids’ Doll House

Dollhouses with more space to play are a great way of inspiring children’s imaginations.

Books that are best for 2-year-olds

“The Napping House,” by Audrey Wood and Don Wood

Everyone is sleeping soundly until an unexpected visitor comes and wakes them up in a bed with a granny, child or cat who is snoring, as well as a mouse and dog!

“The Wonky Donkey,” by Craig Smith and Katz Cowley

This adorable, three-legged donkey makes a great read-aloud and will make your child laugh with his cuteness.

“Our Skin: A First Conversation About Race,” by Megan Madison, Jessica Ralli and Isabel Roxas

Children are quick to notice differences. Experts in early childhood activism against injustice created this board book to help start conversations about race.

“Everybody in the Red Brick Building,” by Anne Wynter and Oge Mora

The bedtime story is given an urban twist in an apartment building. Everyone is asleep until a series a noises ricochets between units.

“Over, Bear! Under, Where?” by Julie Hedlund and Michael Slack

This hilarious, punny book features friends Over & Under for a wordplay-filled version of prepositions.

“Best Friend in the Whole World,” by Sandra Salsbury

Roland feels lonely until he finds a pine cone called Milton. He may have to choose between his best friend or doing the right thing when he spots suspiciously similar signs on a pine cone.

“Itty-Bitty Kitty-Corn,” by Shannon Hale and LeUyen Pham

Kitty thinks she’s a unicorn, even if she gets plenty of ribbing about it. Kitty meets a unicorn with big secrets and they both learn to shine.

“Don’t Hug Doug (He Doesn’t Like It)” by Carrie Finison and Daniel Wiseman

Doug is not one of those things you can hug. He doesn’t like it. It’s a simple lesson that children can learn to set their own boundaries.

“Blanket: Journey to Extreme Coziness,” by Loryn Brantz

This blanket-loving baby is all of us in winter. He or she will roll up and become a cocoon.

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