Fidget toys have been everywhere since the fidget spinner craze. One type of fidget toy that TikTok users were obsessed with was the Pop fidget toy. These toys
might look like glorified and reusable bubble wrap, but everyone is obsessed with them — both kids and parents alike. It’s no surprise, that Amazon’s best-sellers toy section is full of these fun toys.

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These push-pop fidget toys can help children with anxiety and trouble focusing. Instead of fiddling with a pen, wringing hands, or using other fidgets to distract them, they can concentrate their attention on a colorful silicone sheet that is BPA-free. They can press each bubble in until it pops. They can go down each column, row or push the bubbles in randomly. When they’re done, they simply turn over the toy and start over. There hasn’t been many studies done about the benefits of fidget toys for kids, but if you’re someone who often reaches for a stress ball or fidget spinner, this might be a worthwhile replacement.

These fidget toys are popping up at playgrounds and even on adults’ desks. It is lightweight and visually appealing. These toys are very appealing because they come in many fun shapes (like a unicorn), and colors (like tie dye).

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Pop-it silicone fidget toys are very soothing. There are countless videos on TikTok, showing off users’ push-pop sensory toy collectionsUsers will use the bubbles in a specific way to create the most relaxing sound. TikTok can be used to discuss mental health.

Amazon has five great options, all affordable. Find out if your children might be able to benefit from this new trend.

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Rainbow 2-Pack

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Image: Fpxnb.

This push-pop toy
It’s a simple way to bring joy. It’s cheerful and each row is a different color, which could game-ify stress relief for your little one. You will receive one square and one circle toy.


Tie-Dye Pop Toy Set

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Image: ZNNCO.

These are visually appealing push-pop toys
You can choose between a quiet or loud side. You get three sets and can choose from three different shapes.

ZNNCO 3PCS Silicone Tie Dye Push Pop Bubble Fidget Toy


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Sensory Toys for Everyone

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Image: AKSDTH.

If your kid spends time on the computer playing this popular game, they’ll love this anxiety-relieving pop toy
, which is shaped as an Among Us character.


Square Toy

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Image: Colplay.

This is a basic pop fidget toys
 is perfect for putting on your child’s desk (or yours). You have five options.



Lazy loaded image

Image: HiUnicorn.

If your little one can’t get enough unicorns, they’ll love this rainbow fidget toy
. It isn’t too large, so you could easily put it in a backpack or bag and take it on the go.

HiUnicorn RainbowPop Its Unicorn Sensory Fdget Toy


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