Yes, the Chevy Corvette Can be Turned into a Go Kart

This $20,000 Corvette Kart Is Probably The Best Track Toy For Sale Right Now
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The frame, wheels, and interior are all gone from the stock car.

This Chevrolet C6 Corvette has been stripped to its raw chassis to create a go kart-like slayer supercar that is multiple times its cost. It is powered by the factory LS2 small block V-8, which produces 400 horsepower and 400 pound-feet torque at 7,000 RPM.

The exhausts are also cut quite short, as they wrap around the rear axle. But, the engine is connected with the 6-speed automatic transmission from the factory, which isn’t nearly as enjoyable as a manual. You would likely have a lot of work with this thing anyway so the automatic might be a good idea in certain cases.

The body has been replaced by a black-painted roll-cage. It appears to have clean welds. It also looks very well-done. The car also has a huge chrome rear-wing that extends far above the second highest point. Other modifications include an LED lightbar at front as well as different headlights.

It is a C6 Corvette that is basically stock, with chrome wheels and a cheap interior. It does have a 200 MPH speedometer which is nice.

This $20,000 Corvette Kart Is Probably The Best Track Toy For Sale Right Now
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The most striking modification is the omission of a body and chrome rear-wing.

We don’t think the Vette Kart can reach 200 MPH right now due to its massive rear wing, and lack of body. Not that a base C6 Corvette could ever go 200 miles per hour, but we doubt it.

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According to The Drive, it appears that the hurricane Harvey damage may have caused flood damage. But hey, if you’re going to cut up and destroy a Corvette for track-day fun, you might as well do it to one that can’t be used for anything else.

Is $20,000 too much for a project that you can do in your own backyard for half the price? Yes. It does it look like it was made in a shed by someone who is blind? You could even say that. Would it smoke all the tracks? Yep. Do you need to buy it? If you can, definitely.

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