Welcome back to Toy Aisle, Gizmodo’s regular round up of the latest and nerdiest toy news. This week, Hasbro heads back to the Haslab with a flamin’ hot Marvel set, Mondo conjures up an X-Men icon, and much, much more. It’s worth checking out!

Hasbro HasLab Marvel Legends Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider & the Engine of Vengeance

Today, Hasbro unveiled its latest crowdfunded super-toy, a 18.5-inch-long reproduction Ghost Rider Robbie Reyes’ Engine of Vengeance. The 1:12-scale vehicle is loosely based upon the muscle cars from the ‘70s, is packed with 20 LEDs that along with various transparent accessories create light-up Hellfire mode flame effects in the tires, grill, tailpipes, and the included Reyes figure’s head, through the driver’s seat headrest. You can convert the vehicle to a flame-free street style, although initially it will only include Robbie Reyes’ Ghost Rider version. The set will eventually unlock a human form if there are enough backers. The set will cost $US350 ($486) but it will only go into production if there are 9,000 backers by October 31.

This Week’s Toy News Is a One-Way Ride to Hell

Takara Tomy Studio Ghibli Anime Vehicle Collection

What Hot Wheels is to America, Takara Tomy’s Tomica line is to Japan, but fans of anime — particularly Studio Ghibli’s work — might want to defect as a new Tomica line features whimsical vehicles from those movies. The Dream Tomica lineIncludes the Catbus from My Neighbour TotoroThe Sea Railway Spirited AwayThis allows two train cars to be connected back-to-back with a painted Chiiro or No-Face inside. The Savoia S.21 seaplane/flying vessel can also be used. Porco Rosso.All three vehicles will be sell for just shy of $US10 ($14) each and will be available for pre-order starting on October 15, and available on November 19 — if you live in Japan.

This Week’s Toy News Is a One-Way Ride to Hell

Steiff E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial13-Inch Plush

Steiff, a German brand, might be considered the Rolex of plush toys or teddy bears by collectors. It is this that Steiff was included in the 40th anniversary celebrations. E.T. The Extra-TerrestrialIncludes a $US460 ($639) price tag, with a production run of only 1,982 units. (The film premiered in 1982. Since E.T., the film is made from microfiber material. didn’t have any fur, the 13-inch tall plush has been airbrushed to give it more detail, and includes a removable red hoodie, as well as movable arms and a head that can turn from side to side. It’s available for pre-order nowIt is expected to ship in the second half of this year.

This Week’s Toy News Is a One-Way Ride to Hell

Mondo X-Men: The Animated SeriesFigure Magneto Sixth-Scale

Mondo’s latest 1:6 toy ventures back into ‘90s nostalgia with a second X-Men: The Animated Series figure. Bringing the master of Magnetism himself to life, the toy includes multiple helmeted and helmetless options for Erik, including versions of his head that are dramatically shadowed by the brow of his helm for extra cel-shading effect — something that continues across his body to ape the animated feeling even more. Appropriately, Magneto also comes with myriad magnetized hands, so he can hold force field and debris FX accessories. Alas, if you want one now, you’You’re going to have a tough time. Mondo had a limited sales window yesterday for Magneto, which ended at midnight CT yesterday. He cost $US225 ($312) more than the expected April 2023 release. [Mondo via Toyark]

Image: EXO-6Image: EXO-6

EXO-6 Star Trek: The Next GenerationLocutus Sixth-Scale Figure from Borg

EXO-6 revealed its sixth-scale. Star TrekFigure and this one is likely to be a big sell as it brings us Captain Jean-Luc Picard as the Borg Locutus, based on the character’s appearance in the TNG episode, “Best of Both Worlds, Part II.”The 11.8-inch figure features a custom emotionless sculpt by Patrick Stewart, enhanced with Borg implants, a battery-powered red LED simulating the laser, over 30 points articulation, a mechanical arm in place of his right arm, and tubing that wraps around his body. The price will be approximately $US245 ($340), and will be available next spring. There’s probably a “resistance is futile” joke when it comes to deciding whether to pre-order this one, but we’re not going to make it so.

Image: Fisher-PriceImage: Fisher-Price

Fisher-Price E.T. The Extra-TerrestrialLittle People Collector Set

As we pointed out before, it’s been 40 years since E.T. The Extra-TerrestrialIt was first shown in theatres in 1982. When is the best time for its marketing machine to be restarted? There’s loads of new E.T. merch now available, including yet another addition to Fisher-Price’s collectible Little People line-up. The $US15 ($21) set is available nowThis includes Elliott in a red hoodie with a flashlight and Gertie in overalls with a flower pot of resurrected geraniums and E.T. He is glowing with a glowing finger and chest and looks more than ready for the return journey.

This Week’s Toy News Is a One-Way Ride to Hell

Zuru 5 Surprise Mini Brands Disney Store Playset

If you’re one of those people that used to walk into a Disney Store empty handed but walk out with five bags overflowing with toys and collectibles, imagine leaving with the store itself. Zuru already offers a line of collectibles called Mini Brands. They are miniature versions, or miniatures, of everything from toys and fast food to fashion accessories. You can display a variety of Disney merchandise on these miniature shelves. $US30 ($42) Disney StoreThat is so meta it is starting to give you a headache.

This Week’s Toy News Is a One-Way Ride to Hell

Mr. Sci Science Factory 3D Magic Playing Poker Card

Remember those 3D images that were all rage in the ‘90s that to many people just looked like random noise? (They were best known as “Magic Eye” images but are technically called autostereograms.) If you were one of the lucky ones who were able to see the 3D images pop off the page, you can now leverage that skill to cheat in poker with this $US13 ($18) special deck of cards. On the back of each card appears to be a random pattern, but it’s actually a functional autostereogram that reveals the card’s suit and number if you relax your eyes, or cross your eyes, or uncross your eyes, or whatever sorcery was needed to make them work.

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