We have been blessed by the bargain gods, as Aldi and Harry Potter were merged together!

The bargain supermarket giants have started selling a full range Harry Potter branded gifts online and in-stores.

The Harry Potter super franchise is Scotland’s most famous claim to fame, and Edinburgh is no exception. Children and adults from all over the globe still flock to Edinburgh for guided tours about this series.

The popularity of Harry Potter gifts is increasing as we get closer to Christmas. Because let’s be real, Harry Potter Christmas in books and films is so much better than real Christmas here!

Most authentic merchandise featuring the boy wizard is expensive. Aldi wants to change that and lower those prices this holiday season.

The majority of the products can only be purchased online, but some products can also be bought in-store.

The collection contains a wide range of products that are sure to please future Hogwarts students.

The collection includes iconic characters like Dobby and Golden trio, as well as an invisibility scarf and sorting hat. This collection will leave everyone spellbound and ready to create their own Wizarding World.

There is one downside to this collection: it’s Harry Potter and Aldi. It can be tempting to get everything, but we have taken a look at the entire collection to find our top five magical picks.

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Top Five Harry Potter gifts from Aldi’s collection


Hogwarts Express 3D Puzzle – £18.99

The Hogwarts Express 3D Puzzle will bring the magic home.
(Image: Aldi).

My personal favorite (as a 21 year old …)) would have to include the Hogwarts Express3D Puzzle.

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It is one the most iconic items from the series. You can also visit it in real life. So why wouldn’t a mini version of this be built in your home?

Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak – £27.99

This gift is reserved for the more mischievous of us. Harry did all kinds with his cloak while reading and filming.

This replica is authentic and will keep your family entertained.

You can download the Wow Stuff App, put the cloak on and get one of your own.Film the magical scenes with your family.

Hermione Granger Light Painting Wand – £13.99

You can cast spells with another authentic replica at a bargain price.

This light painting wand can be used by any wizard or witch to cast their own spells from the comfort of their home, and create some cool images.

To activate the LED top using the hidden button, you can download the Wow Stuff App free of charge to see your spells come alive. This one is a good idea, but you might want to act quickly as Aldi has advised that they sell faster than you can say “Alohomora”.

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Hogwarts Single Duvet – £12.99

A matching duvet is essential for any Harry Potter fan’s bedroom. This cool and comfortable Hogwarts duvet is sure to give your children a magical night’s sleep. You can even have double the Wizarding fun with this reversible design!

Lego Hogwarts Clock Tower – £108.99


You can recreate iconic scenes with the Lego Hogwarts Clock Tower.
(Image: Aldi).

This is a slightly more expensive option, but it’s still a great choice for Harry Potter fans.

The Lego Hogwarts Tower will allow you to join Harry’s adventures. friendsHere you can see some of the most memorable scenes and locations in the franchise.

Visit Dumbledore’s Office or attend Defence Against the Dark Arts – The magical world is yours to explore right from your home.

These are just some of the top picks from this magical collection. You can find many more.

Some of these items sell quickly so be quick. Aldi advises shoppers to visit stores if they don’t have a product they like.

You can view the complete Aldi Harry Potter collection here.

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