While LEGO System builders get the best of both worlds.unveiled10290 Pickup truck Technic Fans can also have fun. LEGO Also, two new designs are revealed new Technic sets? 42128 Heavy-duty Tow Truck 42129 4×4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros Trial Truck. As usual, sets are many play functions available, both manual and automatic. The new sets Join 42126 Ford F-150 Raptor owners, as it was announced just yesterday.

The sets The service will be available worldwide from August 1st 2021.

2,017 Pieces | 2,017 pieces | US $149.99 | CAN $199.99 | UK £139.99

42128 Heavy Duty Tow Truck is a realistic, fully-functioning model with pneumatic as well as mechanical functions. TheYou can open the hood to see the moving pistons. The crane can be extended and steered. While it doesn’t have a motor, there are around 14 play features to explore.

This is how you rescue stranded cars. LEGO® Technic™ Heavy-duty Tow Truck takes any job in its stride. This truck is so easy to build, you can take your time and then look at all its classic design details and features. This model offers realistic mechanical and pneumatic functions that will allow you to feel the power of a classic truck.

This will open up the worlds of engineering. LEGO® Technic™ Heavy-duty Tow Truck (42128) model. Packed with details, it’s a great tribute to the world’s best-loved tow trucks. You can see the original grille, lights, tailpipe and air filters. Next, explore the pneumatic and mechanical features that make this model so realistic. A construction toy with many working functions. This tow truck toy includes a crane and many other impressive features. The 6-cylinder inline engine is visible under the hood. It has moving pistons and a 6-cylinder capacity. Turn the pin on the roof to steer. Turn on the crane, turn the knob and move the pin on the roof. And for This is the first time it has been done. LEGO Technic the vehicle’s lifting axle was used to lift extra wheels and distribute the load. This vehicle is a great introduction into engineering. LEGO Technic sets Features realistic movement and mechanisms that allow for easy introduction LEGOIn an approachable and real way, builders can explore the universe of engineering.

This video demonstrates the engineering genius of classic towed trucks LEGO® Technic™ Heavy-duty Tow Truck 42128 toy building kit. Enjoy the build, then explore the model’s many features and functions.
This model is similar to a heavy-duty tow truck and features pneumatic pump functions such as an extending lifting boom, lifting crane boom, and an extending crane boom.
All the mechanical functions such as the rotating crane and working winch, outriggers and boom, plus the lifting wheel that pulls down extra tires, can be inspected. for uneven loads – a first for LEGO® Technic™!
This truck toy collection makes a great gift. for kids Teens 11 and older who love all things mechanical toys. It’s also a great set for kids Engineers and parents can explore together while learning together.
This tow truck with crane measures more than 8.5 inches. (22 cm high (with crane up), 23 in. (58 cm long with boom down and 5.5 inches). (14 cm) Wide (with outriggers raised).
Rotating the pin at the top of the roof will help you steer the truck. To see the 6-cylinder, inline engine with moving pistons, lift the hood.
The classic tow truck design features include the authentic grille and air filters, as well as a fresh color scheme.
The LEGO® Technic™ universe offers advanced building toys for LEGOFans who are ready forTheir next building challenge.
LEGO® Technic™ components meet rigorous industry standards to ensure they are consistent, compatible and connect reliably every time.
LEGO® Technic™ components are dropped, heated, crushed, twisted and analyzed to make sure they meet strict global safety standards.

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42129 4×4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros Trial Truck | 2,110 pieces | US $299.99 | CAN $399.99 | UK £274.99

42129 Mercedes-Benz Zetros Trial Truck features a detailed engine, gearbox and working suspension on all four wheels. Remote control is possible via an app. It has 4 motors and it’s the most powerful LEGO Technic truck to date.

Made for extreme conditions, the 4×4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros Trial Truck has the power to tackle the roughest terrain. You can now build your own LEGO® Technic™ version of this mighty machine. Enjoy a challenging build, then use CONTROL+ to steer the truck and operate differential locking. To create a trial course, set up obstacles and use flags. Can anything stop this truck?

Anyone who loves toy trucks and powerful construction toys This is a great opportunity to have a lot of fun building. LEGO® Technic™ 4×4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros Trial Truck (42129) model. This truck toy is packed with realistic features and offers an engaging build. for Adults and kids Age 12 and over Open the cab doors and hood. Open the service hatch and inspect the gearbox. The model also includes a detailed engine with spinning radiator fan. This is the first version. for LEGO Technic This model features differential locking. The app allows you to lock and unlock your differentials. This makes it easy to move the truck on rough terrain.  Explore the app You can test this powerful machine using the CONTROL+ App. You can use the various control screens to steer the differential locking and operate it. There are many ways to have fun with the app.

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Construction fans toys You will love making your own Mercedes-Benz Zetros Trial Truck. You can see all the amazing functions by using the LEGO® Technic™ CONTROL+ app.
This LEGO® Technic™ 4×4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros Trial Truck (42129) model is packed with authentic details like working suspension on all 4 wheels, a detailed gearbox and differential locking.
Realistic design features include 2 fire extinguishers and race-themed stickers. Use the flags to create an obstacle course and test the truck’s skills across different terrains.
This is a wonderful set for Adults and kids it’s suitable for children 12 years old and older to enjoy together. It’s also an awesome toy for young LEGO® builders looking for A challenging building experience.
The Toy truck model measures 8 in. (21 cm) high, 19 inches. (48 cm) length and 7 in. (19 cm)
Requires 6x AA batteries (not supplied). The The battery box can be easily removed, making it easy to change the batteries as needed.
This RC app-controlled LEGO® Technic™ truck is powered using 1 x Bluetooth®-controlled smart hub, 3 x large motors and 1 x medium motor, included in the set.
LEGO® Technic™ construction toys Offer a high-quality experience for LEGO Fans who are ready for Their next building challenge.
LEGO® Technic™ components meet rigorous industry standards to ensure they are consistent, compatible and connect reliably every time – it’s been that way since 1958.
LEGO® Technic™ components are dropped, heated, crushed, twisted and analyzed to make sure they meet strict global safety standards.

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