In 2021, there was above-trend demand as families stayed at home and spent stimulus funds

CLEVELAND, Aug. 3, 2022/PRNewswire/ — US demand in nominal terms for toys and games is expected to decline slightly from a high 2021 base to 2026, according the. Toys & Games: United StatesA report released recently by Freedonia Focus Reports. Suppliers should see slight increases in births, and a decrease in the population aged below five years. The growth in disposable incomes will stimulate spending. New product launches will continue to support the demand, especially for consoles that play video games. Toys and games with licensed characters and themes are expected to be in demand due to the ongoing investment in new TV series and movies that are based on well-known media franchises. However, there are many entertainment options available that can compete with toys and games. This will hinder any faster gains. Parents are more interested in providing educational and entertaining experiences for their children than buying a lot of toys and games.

The 2022 sales of toys & games are expected to decrease 15%. This follows a 40% rise in 2021, which was driven by increased demand for in home entertainment. The difficulty in procuring semiconductor devices could impact the production of electronic toys and games, such as videogame consoles and gaming machines. Inflation in toy and gaming prices will be driven by supply chain problems and rising prices of raw materials like plastic due to rising oil prices and gas prices.

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These and other key insights can be found in Toys & Games United States. This report forecasts US toys and games demand to 2022-2026 and shipments in nominal US Dollars at the manufacturer level. The product-specific breakdown of total demand is shown below.

  • Toys and dolls
  • Video game consoles
  • Game machines
    • coin-operated
    • non-payment
  • Board games
  • Baby strollers and baby carriages

Historical trends can be illustrated using total demand, total shipping, and trade data from 2011 through 2021.

Video game software; card and slot games; and athletic equipment, bikes, billiard tables, bowling equipment are all exempted from the scope. Toys and games reexported are not included in demand and trade figures.

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