A massive $470 LEGO Harry Potter set is rumoured for next year and we’ve got a few ideas for what it could possibly be based on.

A reported list for LEGO Harry Potter in summer 2022 includes a build with a potential price tag of $469.99, which would beat the current largest set in the theme – 75978 Diagon Alley – by $70. This comes on the heels a $530 LEGO Star Wars creation.

While these rumours are currently just that and unconfirmed by the LEGO Group, hence why they should be treated with caution, there’s plenty of places and things in the Wizarding World that could inspire such a set.

5 – A Diagon Alley expansion

Gringotts interior Harry PotterImage: Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

A Gringotts expansion to 75978 Diagon Alley wasn’t in the LEGO Harry Potter design team’s current plans, according to a statement by the LEGO Group in July 2021. However, a build at such a high price could still partially recreate the magical bank and vaults below it.
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Additionally, Gringotts should not be the only focus of Diagon Alley. Knockturn Alley is another location that could be transformed. It was the only entrance left unoccupied on the main thoroughfare of 75978 Diagon Alley.

4 – Another school of witchcraft and wizardry

Harry Potter Wizarding World SchoolsImage: Wizarding World

While most people may recognize Hogwarts in the Wizarding World as the school for witchcraft and wizardry, it is just one of many locations that has never been shown on television or in any other media. There are locations all over the world, including Brazil, Japan, America and Brazil. The official Wizarding World website documents them all. seven educational facilities.

Although it seems unlikely, given that no other schools than the Durmstrang Institute and Beauxbatons have been shown in the movies, a model emulating one or more of these schools in a scale similar to 71043 Hogwarts Castle could be the reason for the rumoured $470 cost.

3 – Azkaban

Azkaban Harry PotterImage: Quora via Warner Bros.

The prison at Azkaban, another iconic and simple location in Harry Potter films, has yet to see bricks. This triangular structure was designed to house the most dangerous witches and wizards in the world.

This building, which is located near the ocean, could require a large model that is similar in height and scale as 76178 Daily Bugle. The sections can be opened to reveal the criminals who live within. The monochrome Azkaban design may mean that there would be no colour in the build.

2 – The Quidditch pitch

Harry Potter Quidditch PitchImage: Harry Potter Wiki

LEGO Harry Potter: 75956 Quidditch Meet is the only set dedicated to this fictional sport. It was released in 2018. Four years have passed since the first version of the pitch was released, so it might be time to get another larger set.
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The 16 stands that make up the Hogwarts Quidditch pitch are shown in the movie. They don’t have the house colours and show the wooden structure beneath. Sets worth $470 can faithfully reproduce the pitch with all towers and could include clear display stands so that players can be posed as though they are in the middle of a match.

1 – A massive vehicle model

Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Flying Ford Anglia Image: Lonely Planet via Warner Bros.

Following rumours of a massive LEGO for Adults Delorean in 2022, it could be that LEGO Harry Potter shares a similar fate in summer by transforming one of the franchise’s iconic vehicles into a huge and detailed build.

The Ford Anglia and the Hogwarts Express are the most obvious options, but rumours suggest that a replica of the scene with both would be possible due to the price tag. Although not confirmed, the last LEGO version of either was in 75968 4 Privet Drive in 2020 and 75955 Hogwarts Express in 2018 respectively.

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