Meet the latest toy craze in the UK. (Getty Images)

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Every year, the UK is swept by a new toy craze. It includes alien babies and Pokemon Cards, Lego, Hatchimals, Surprise Dolls, and Lego.

In case you didn’t notice, there is a new trend that has caught our attention. The British public are obsessed with them.

You guessed it: The fidget popper. Or ‘pop-it!’ to those who are down for the kids.

The GuardianRecent data revealed that 5,000,000 items were sold by retailers since April, when stores reopened. This is the largest craze since fidget spinning machines swept the playground in 2017.

The trend will continue well into Christmas, making it the ideal stocking stuffer or festive gift for teens and tweens in the family, as well the younger clan members.

So what exactly is a fidget-popper?

It’s a sensory device that can be fiddled and fidgeted. You’ll love this bubble fidget if you remember how much you loved popping the bubble wrap out of the packaging.

Simply press down on the multi-coloured bubbles and they will make a slight popping noise. Then flip it over to start over.

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The fidget toys are the latest craze. (Getty Images)

Fidget toys are the latest trend. (Getty Images)

Social media sites like TikTok have amplified the trend, with clips of pop-its attracting billions (yes billions) of views.

The popper is not just a game for fun (played by a few people), but also has mental health benefits.

These are effective at relieving anxiety and stress – in the same way that we might use a Stress Ball – so we don’t surprise if your adult friends already have them in pride of place at their desks.

Get in on the action! Here are five ways to get involved.

Buy a fidget stick

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