Paw Patrol switched one Mayor Goodway voice actress (Deann DelGruijter), to help increase diversity behind the scenes.

PAW Patrol Mayor Goodway was recast and solid reasons why PAW Patrol is a popular Canadian children’s cartoon show (and larger merchandising brand) for the preschool age group. PAW Patrol is now in its seventh season. Although it has previously recast voice parts, this time, it had a specific reason to do so for the role of the kind Mayor Goodway.

PAW Patrol is an animated series about anthropomorphic talking canines who drive rescue vehicles. “save the day”. The PAW Patrol in Adventure Bay is the solution to all your police, marine rescue and helicopter rescue needs. The “pups” of the PAW Patrol enjoy a tremendous amount of legal authority under Mayor Goodway, the town’s mayor. Since season 1, Mayor Goodway has been a fixture of the series. While the PAW Patrol movie expanded the action to Adventure City, it is in Adventure Bay, and under Mayor Goodway, where most of the action takes place in PAW Patrol. Her main character is the one who calls the PAW Patrol most often for assistance.


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Deann DeGruijter played Mayor Goodway from season 1 to 7, and Kim Roberts took over the role part-way through season 7. Mayor Goodway’s character is a woman of color, and Deann DeGruijter is not. Kim Roberts joins the voice cast of PAW Patrol with a nearly identical performance, but importantly for the show it allows a character of color to be played by a person of color, Kim Roberts. There have been other major recasts in cartoon shows like Big Mouth recently for much the same reason. Mayor Goodway’s role was recast sensitively to the message sent by the voice actor.

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Mayor Goodway is the human character with the most screentime, after Ryder, the pup’s leader. If the most important character of color in one of the most important kids A person of color cannot voice opinions on TV shows during their peak popularity. Or, are there roles for people of colour? The political considerations of a mass-market media product today are simply not what they were seven seasons ago when PAW Patrol began. Television is a business. The show might have tried to avoid controversy. Paw Patrol is no stranger to controversy and was previously attached to a PAW Patrol cancel culture meme surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement. Although Deann de Gruijter’s portrayal of Mayor Goodway was loved by many, the level of political sensitivity in media continues to improve. Mayor Goodway has been recast to help the show’s behind-the-scenes diversity catch up with on-screen diversity.

As a leading children’s TV property, PAW Patrol has more power and so more of a role to set a good example of diversity. That’s not to say PAW Patrol is a perfect show. One, there is still a wide gender gap between the pups. There are five male-identified puppies on the main team, and only one female-identified puppy. There is speculation Liberty, the movie-created character, might join the show. If this is the case, PAW Patrol This will be another step in the right direction.

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